Frequently Asked Questions

Accessing the book

How can I access a book?

Books are only accessible to members of a specific class or group. If you are a member of that group and are not getting access, contact the editor and request access.

Why was my access denied?

If you are a member of the group and you are receiving a message that you do not have access to the book, it could be because the book Editors have a different email for you. Please contact the editor and let them know your updated email.

I requested access, but never received the email

The email with your access may have ended up in your promotions or social folder if you are using Gmail or Yahoo mail. You can also check your spam/junk folder as it can end up there depending on your settings. If you are not receiving emails, you should add to your approved sender list to ensure the access link arrives in your inbox.

I already have a page so why am I being asked to re-verify my email?

Similar to most social networks BrightCrowd uses browser cookies to keep you logged in to your book. If you have disabled cookies or are accessing the book in private browsing or icognito mode you will be required to re-verify each time you access the book. Likewise if you would like to open your book on a different device (phone, tablet, etc.) you’ll be prompted to authenticate that device before accessing the book.

Why do I need to verify my identity before accessing my book?

BrightCrowd books are completely private and secure so that people can feel comfortable sharing personal information. This data is never sold or accessible to anyone outside of the audience for that book and the organization that sponsors the book. We take data privacy very seriously and require identity verification to ensure that only the people who are part of the audience for that book can access it.

How can I use a different email address to access the book?

Once you’ve accepted your invitation to create a page in the book, you will be able to add additional email addresses as part of creating your page. If you no longer have access to the email address that was used to originally invite you to the book, you can contact the book editor to request access with a new email address.

Creating and editing my page

How do I create a page?

Creating a page in your book is as simple as answering a few questions and sharing some updates. All questions are optional and you can skip any questions that don’t apply. You can come back later and add additional information or update anything you’ve written. Here’s a tutorial on how to create a page.

Can someone else create a page for me?

No, each page is tied to a single email address and only the person that can authenticate that email address can create and edit the page associated with that email address..

What if my partner and I share an email address and we both want to create pages?

Since an email address can only be associated with a single page in a book, the book editor would have to invite your partner to create a page using an alias email address (which most email service providers allow).

I am part of two groups that use BrightCrowd. Can I create one page for both books?

Each BrightCrowd book is customized and features unique questions that are specific to that audience. Most people wish to share different memories and updates depending on the group. Given that, you would create a distinct page in each BrightCrowd book.

How can I add photos to my page?

You can add a profile photo to your page by uploading directly from your computer or phone or pulling in your Facebook or LinkedIn profile from one of those sites. In addition to a profile photo, depending on the settings for your book, you can add additional photos by uploading them from your computer or phone.

I’ve already created a page, how can I edit it?

Once you’ve created your page, you can edit it as often as you like while the book is open. Simply click the My Page link at the top of the book and you will be able edit any of the content on your page.

Who can see my page?

Your page is only viewable by the other members of your group. Your page is not accessible or viewable generally on the web and will not show up in Google or other web searches.

How long will the book be accessible?

A book is open for new pages and edits for a limited time, but the book will remain accessible to view indefinitely.

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